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Foot to Face

Zine: What We Go Through

Zine: What We Go Through

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Are you a cis-het man?

- 2nd edition, 34 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 in

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There are just a few notes on things I hope you’ll keep in mind, some information you might need so you can take care of yourself, and some acknowledgments before you turn the page:

All of the following content is 100% true.

The names of those who have played a part in perpetuating misogyny, sexism, and rape culture in the following stories have not been changed. Regardless of their intent, people’s actions have an effect, and sometimes the effect is harmful and permanent. I believe that it is important to be accountable for one’s actions and how they may affect others. These are my attackers and my abusers and every day I am a survivor. We are survivors.

The specific incidents included here have taken place in Winnipeg, Toronto, Glasgow, London, and Ghent between 1998 and 2017; between the ages 8 and 27. They’re not necessarily told in chronological order. There are still many more which I’ve either remembered or experienced since my last print run that I’d still like to add to future editions. This project will probably never let me finish it.

It is important to note that this is an account of my experiences as a cisgender able-bodied white woman. All women do not necessarily experience rape culture and misogynistic violence in the same ways that I do. I urge you to seek out and hold space for their stories as well.

This zine is a revised and extended edition of the original issue that I first published in 2014.

CONTENT WARNING: rape culture; mention of suicide and grief; descriptive accounts of sexual harassment, gaslighting, mansplaining, physical aggression and violence, bro culture (sexism, homophobia), complex-PTSD, anxiety, passive suicidal ideation, and panic attacks.

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