Since being introduced to tarot and other witchy tools of self-reflection at a young age, I've now now been studying tarot with intention for over a 10 years, and giving readings professionally for the past 4 years. My intuitive practice hinges on my interest in creativity, relationships, and the power of self-determination. I offer services in person at various pop-up events as well as online, incorporating numerology, astrology, and intuitive insights.

I believe that whatever you need to hear will find its way to you. Sometimes that will be via a book, or a song, or a quote on instagram, or someone else's story about their own experience...And sometimes it's via tarot reading. I believe that the best way for you to hear that message is to ask for it.

Tarot provides a framework for the chaos that life presents us, and can help point us in the right direction as we navigate this absolute shit-show of a world. I hope to to offer you a tarot experience that is overall an affirming and empowering one, even when it may be challenging.  Whether you're looking for the best way to prepare yourself for the year ahead, help parsing out a difficult decision, some relationship real talk, or a just general check in with the universe:

All you have to do is ask.


Do you offer 1:1 readings in person?

I currently offer readings in person at various markets and pop-ups in Toronto, for 15 minutes at a sliding scale rate. All other readings are online only, or you can consider booking me for an event!
And I promise online readings are just as magical as in-person ones.
Follow me on instagram to see where I'll be next!

Are you available for events?

Yes, I am available for private events! It's a great way to offer your guests a memorable experience and certainly gives everyone a lot to talk abouuut! Email or DM me anytime to inquire, and we'll sort out all the details. 🖤

What if I don't know what to ask?

I always say you can ask anything, but it might help to have some examples! Here are some questions my clients have brought to a reading with me:

🔮"Should I stay in Toronto, or is my time here kinda done?"
🔮"Should I sacrifice my financial security or my creative freedom?"
🔮"I'm in this job and I don't know if I should stay, cuz I left for a while, and then I came back and I'm just wondering, like...was that the right decision?"
🔮"When am I going to get the inheritance?"
🔮"Is my husband going to leave me?"
🔮"Why can't I feel at peace?"
🔮"Anything. I'm open to anything."
🔮"Well, I was in a situationship and I ghosted them, and I want to explain to them the reason why but, I dunno...."
🔮"So I'm writing a book..."
🔮"When will I retire?"
🔮"Is now a good time to reach out to my mom?"
🔮"I wanna know about dating. Like, what should I be focusing on?"
🔮"I feel like I self-sabotage a lot, and even though I know a lot of that is related to trauma growing up, I just don't know how to stay out of my own way, it's really hard for me."
🔮"I just ended a relationship, and I'd like to know what I can focus on as I heal."
🔮"I'm going on a trip for a month and I'm wondering...just...how it's gonna go?"
🔮"There's this relationship that I was in for years, and we broke up a long time ago, but I still just can't get out of my mind. What happened, what went wrong?"
🔮"I've been craving more emotional connection in my friendships, especially with other men. How can I bring more meaning to my relationships?"
🔮"I just got fired from a non-profit and I'm waiting to hear back from some applications, and I'm wondering what my summer is going to look like now."

If you're still a bit stumped or overwhelmed, you can simply ask something like, "What do I need to hear right now?", "What would the cards like to bring up?", or maybe even "What...the...fuck???" (hey, it's a legit question).

The question is the starting point. It gives us an entry into a conversation with the cards and with the parts of us that long for clarity, a voice, direction, and insight. 🗺

How much detail should I give you?

I will often ask a couple of questions so that I can interpret and deliver the reading as clearly as I can. A little context can help me more accurately interpret and deliver your reading in a way that actually makes sense!

Even though it's possible for me to discern all kinds of things from just pulling cards or intuitively, I don't want you to spend half your reading waiting for all the information to reach me, and then waiting for me to puzzle it all together. While that might be kinda neat, I'm much less interested in doing "party-tricks" and much more interested in making sure you get as much value out of your reading as possible.

One more thing to keep in mind: if there is something you would like to ask...but you haven't asked it...and you're waiting to see if I mention it...but I'm not mentioning it--It will probably be better if you just ask, so that (1) you don't waste your own time, and (2) because it's often because I need your consent to look at something, and your question gives me that permission.

I'm queer and am looking for a queer-friendly tarot reader!

I got you! I'm queer too. 🖤
I do my best to not make assumptions about anyone, and it is my priority to co-create and hold a safe space for all my clients.

Do you communicate with loved ones who have passed on?

Sometimes. This is a mediumship technique that I have been practicing, but have not yet mastered. I've given many readings where a client's loved one has come through in some way, so it is absolutely possible, and often a pleasant and moving surprise to us all.
If this is something you are not open to, please feel free to give me a gentle heads up in advance.
In every instance, I always proceed with care and sensitivity.

What deck do you use?

I have a small collection of various decks that I like to use and rotate between. But my favourite go-to is the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and it is *The One* that I would recommend for anyone interested in learning tarot themselves.
My second favourite deck that I often read with is the Witches Tarot, whose imagery is directly based on that of the Rider-Waite-Smith.
I also like to incorporate oracle cards, which usually either emphasize something I've already said, or offer a supplementary message.