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Zine: The Free Space Interview Project 1

Zine: The Free Space Interview Project 1

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8.5 x 5.5 in
36 pages

The Free Space Interview Project is an ongoing project of mine that first began in 2012, when I made my first ever zine called CRAM and dedicated three very tiny pages to an “interview section,” consisting of 6 questions and about 3-8 responses each, before it became one of the main focuses of my artistic practice.

In the FSIP, I ask people a series of open-ended questions and allow them to answer as personally or impersonally, as concisely or tangentially as they like. Each interviewee understands that their responses will be shared anonymously, as I transcribe the recorded conversation and make edits for readability while still maintaining the integrity of the responses the person has given.

My main rules for myself are to be an attentive listener, to not interject, and to only move on to the next question when the interviewee has given a clear indication, verbal or gestural, that their answer is complete.

Interviews included in this first issue of the Free Space Interview Project were conducted between 2012 and 2013.

I hope you find some answers you’ve been looking for.

Many many thanks to all Free Space Interview Project participants.

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